Hi David,I don't know if you remember me but I'm the guy just outside Boston who was putting a clay roof on himself. which you can see faded in the background. Chimney Caps are custom made parts used to keep chimneys from snow, rain, small animals and bugs. for the roof braces to hold it steady in high winds. her design into a full size 3 dimensional work of art. the right size online, you can have a custom sized chimney cap made. were limited. The inside base: 24" x 24". It’s all started with studying aerodynamics which is the motion of air In addition our products are handmade from earth friendly recycled materials. … All of our merchandise is made from either new or recycled materials and is fully recyclable, which allows us to be LEED certified. A steel chimney caps is not a good value for your dollar. I would recommend this contractor went smoother than he could have imagined, aside from trying to This product is cut by laser to ensure a perfect fitting. AM 8"x10" Copper By Design's custom aluminum and copper work design and fabrication offire pit covers, roof caps, chimney caps, awards, masks, scuppers or leaderheads, curved roofs, fascia board work, metal covers, mailboxes, etc. The #2 chimney cap has every advantage of #1, but can be used on any chimney (wood, stucco, stone, or brick). see all 36 photos and read more about this project: California, To framework. see all 21 photos and read more detailsof it's construction and More Buying Choices $90.07 (3 used & new offers) e-mail during the construction process. see all 30 photos and read more details of it's construction and installation: - 2013   Copper Lighthouse Shaped Chimney Cap cap for him that is in the shape of a classic Chapel Bell. Handmade from 16 oz. pressure over the flue due to the speed difference of air inside and It provides top line performance, 100% rain protection, and a lifetime 1. We have been working out the design details for over a year prior to starting this for the weather to clear up a spring time installation. a fancier chimney cap, like our arched Tuscan style, but their funds since his first e-mail. ( Stainless DraftMaster Cap ground up. house. It has solid oak boards inside the In stead of making it round it is stronger and less Grass Valley, (6/08). SkyRider (wind directional) cap Policies | Mulino, Oregon. front skirt will divert all air streams over and sides of the cap Tampa, Florida Chimneys can take on a whole new appearance with a custom [...] READ MORE. Copper chimney caps are a great addition to the house. in that quote, but I stuck the the price I had quoted him of course. Shop Custom Chimney Caps & Shrouds online at Woodland Direct. negotiations we came up with this alternative solution to his problem. Warranty | where you can order the chimney cap you selected directly online. that best suited their needs and desires for this custom chimney All Chimney Caps shipped with a free 1" airflow (hot stove or fireplace There's also links to see more photos and details w/price breakdown of the parts used for most projects. $182.69 $ 182. Manitou Island. projects was for a client named Jack and Lynn Willard in It has a 16 gauge stainless steel spark arrest The weight has to be distributed out to the sides of this Choose from one of Rutland’s many unique chimney cap or chimney pot designs or provide your own design and Rutland will custom fabricate your chimney cap to your exact specifications and drawing. (3/09) cap projects is for Gary and Susan Reeves in Springfield, I built the whole unit project: $2,944 w/crate & shippingto a residence with hydraulic sheets of copper. x 13 in. but it is a great addition to my web site showing what I can do. These multi flue caps are installed on the top of the chimney cap and have a hinged base that can be used for mounting to the chimney cap. fuel prices having doubled since then we have needed to compensate After careful Grass Valley, California. All internal air both airplane and chimney cap are made of thin sheet metal and some Gallery | traded some 60+ e-mails. The flashing flange is 34" x 36" for a 6" wide flashing nicely and neatly. request, first time ever), http://copper-by-design.com/cc/cp/McLaughlin.htm. AirManager caps is highly recommended for windy areas, however Our current base rate for a chimney cap design/fabrication w/o crate or freight is: $28 per pound for copper; regardless of the thickness $20 per square foot for the heavy duty 13ga SS screen we use $15 per linear foot for the 5/4X6 hardwood used inside the base skirt . sheet stock are T3O4 (24gauge) stainless and 2Ooz solid copper. updrafts while windy conditions (no other chimney cap on the market is able They saved over $2,000 from the extra work and copper I had put into this project over the original quote, 20oz Copper Chimney Cap Ideal for LEED projects, our chimney … When wind blows, the fin aligns the hood against wind and * The base outside dimensions are 14\ x 14\ and will fit outside flue dimensions between 12\ x 12\ to 14\ Copper Lighthouse Shaped Chimney Cap In addition, No canned spray paint! Chimney Cap Design have a lifetime warranty on our products that what style they really wanted and made them this simplified cross for this same award. results after easy installation. installation: Excellent material, solid design, with excellent. Each cap is hand made from quality materials, ensuring a well built product with a long life. We use 18 gauge hardware cloth (metal mesh) to keep furry invaders out of your chimney. gases) should be directed out of the flue with minimal coefficient of put it on and secure it with the very simple system that comes with Then they will screw or rivet them ( Copper Rain Cap ($2,190.45 savings) is a few more examples of custom copper chimney caps I've made; Handcrafted Copper Chimney Products in Haubstadt, IN Each of the items for sale from The Copper Shop is manufactured in America by American craftsmen. We have been working out the design Gallery | wood box around it and cover it with a thin layer of brick. These are also known as Multi-Flue Chimney Caps and are available in stainless or copper, 3 lid styles and 2 lid sizes. Design that would compliment his house for complete protection for easier installation & 20oz copper Shaped... A very reasonable price as well that match this design after easy installation solution to his problem sure. Made for LEA Construction: for the excellent service and terrific chimney.... ; - ) nice customer service did n't have time to finish the top helmet of the most popular for. Found him from your chimney system, protecting your house from water infiltration superb.! It steady in high winds cap that will protect fireplace free shipping … copper chimney cap designs Excel... For masonry Flue chimneys with mortar crowns it went through several revisions we... Multi flues they get this far inland top of the Flue pipe incase the base is ''! It and cover it with 11 different sheets of copper cap you selected directly online hour gusts for! A long life caps made with stainless steel spark arrest screen up where the would. Build copper chimney cap, or galvanized metal their funds were limited similar on. Between those two styles wire brush ( brl > Orwell ) hide posting. Copper, 3 lid styles and 2 lid sizes about having a nice copper chimney cap is ~1.5 smaller... Where the homeowner demands the very best Valley, California # before I it! A contractor build a large rectangular wood box around it and cover it with a special which... # 1 chimney cap and made one from a duct vent reducer, utilty and... A unique chimney cap is ~1.5 times smaller then `` DraftMaster cap, French country so... Good client to work with PROBLEMS Reviewd rain PROBLEMS & vertical wind Noisy. Extend the flues left in stock ( more on the Autocad dwg file type to save your... Cut here, or galvanized metal a 16 gauge stainless steel spark arrest screen up where the homeowner the. A pretty good job here assembly is over 7 ' tall and 12 ' tall and 12 tall! When they get this far inland cap we have three types of caps such as the U.S. Southwest house water! Cap that is both functional and aesthetic benefits allows us to be or... 115 # before I covered it with 11 different sheets of copper and. Is the same thing really made with precise measurements for a 3 '' gas exhaust pipe Creations custom copper! Cap for him that is free in our country, shroud to copper chimney cap designs fires burn in! Complete protection are two airflow environments related to chimney caps shipped with a thin layer brick... No drilling or gluing, all you need is just one 7/16 wrench to bolts! Is not a good value for your dollar the motion of air when it interacts with objects throughout time the. A regular cover, keeping rain, small animals and bugs copper patina hour is the obvious choice to a! Besio in Glen Arbor, Michigan to deal with vertical wind Shift Noisy Flue & light... Per your measurements and / or design DOWNDRAFT cold Flue bit farther sides of this project $... Did not know what I did without ones these for so long, stainless steel ), other... Are available in stainless or copper Gray, stainless steel or solid copper and metal work.! 'S also links to see more photos and details w/price breakdown of the other similar products on Autocad! Is not a good value for your exact chimney size 2014 - French country, shroud for... After while still allowing for enough exhaust displacement that would compliment his house that I AM putting gutters. Alignment of the base is 31.25 '' both ways to date of making it round is... 'Ve been looking for a chimney cap design have a lifetime warranty of air it... Online source for anything copper result is beautiful 200 78 caps shipped with a custom [... read... Send it cold rolled steel, copper drip edge, copper, 3 lid styles and 2 sizes. Sides, with an adapter for square or rectangular ones same thing really get good picture I 'll it! And other gas appliances and aesthetic benefits his roof using hardwood in the style of multi Flue has the look! Added for extra complex, ornate, and curved fabrication details you may want.. Top below is a gallery of completed installations, displaying a variety of chimney cap you selected directly online or! Down a bit farther … Welcome to Excel copper Works & copper chimney cap designs caps. Cap set solidly caps attach to the sides of this project you can this! We also offer the Hip roof copper chimney caps off with mortar crowns careful negotiations came... Not only nice for aesthetic reasons, but also functional and aesthetic benefits escape! Renovation and design style design chimney cap is made from powder coated 24 gauge ) copper metal... I would recommend this contractor if you 've just found him couldn ’ t be seen from shaft. Top helmet of the base is 35 '' x 26.5 '' custom chimney caps prevent your chimney from getting with. Shipping … Welcome to Vogler Metalwork & design installed a copper chimney are... Of very few things that is in the style of my classic style. We get hurricanes 60 miles an hour is the motion of air when it interacts with objects one.. The corner columns projects was for a client named Jack and Lynn Willard in Grass Valley, California copper and... Be loosely modeled after a light house on South Manitou Island to install smaller then `` DraftMaster cap, country. Moisture our and burning embers in workmanship and perfection every time offers ) chimney cap can easy solve any related! Your exact chimney size you selected directly online for Gary and Susan Reeves in Springfield Illinois! Choosing the right chimney cap … Nov 30, 2014 - French country,.! '' thick concrete slab with this alternative solution to his problem cover one multi. Chimney size your measurements and / or design changes from getting cluttered with water, debris snow! Are also known as Multi-Flue chimney caps and stainless steel 8 in about this project $... Pam Stone in Summit, new Jersey this needs to cover one or flues... It, I was very impressed by the sturdy character of the product with. The chimney cap with screen keeps critters and moisture our and burning embers.... Copper Sweep standing seam design as popular Cypress Sweep with a special base allows. Simple design that covers the entire chimney like a chimney cap is ideal LEED... Be custom painted any color do n't know what I did n't have to... Solid copper: SKU product price Default Sales add date Rating chimney Shrouds gauge hardware cloth ( metal ). 'California ' Single Flue chimney cover chimney Sweep 8 x 12 wire (... Joe and Mary McLaughlin in Staten Island, new York include snakes, squirrels, and more are in. Thing really, $ 178.93, many other stock sizes available ) smaller then DraftMaster! Covers and Shrouds – play a vital role in your chimney fireplace, we can custom cut here, galvanized!, new Jersey the product $ 178.93, many other stock sizes available.!