Limited Edition Vs' Open Edition. Question: If I sell open edition, unsigned prints of “Image A” at “size B”, can I also sell that same “Image A” at the same “Size B” as a Limited Edition, if for example, it is Matted and signed? I now want to produce a limited edition of prints of this single slide (a vintage photograph). Keep a list of collectors interested in buying and notify them when a new piece is available for sale. Limited Edition Service for Archival Prints & Frames. Depending on the technique, it is up to the artist how large an edition will be. Editioned prints must be identical. For these I control the printing as with my limited editions. It can refer more specifically to trial proofs being reworked after an image has been editioned. Creating Limited Editions . The print should be dated with the original date and you can also add this years date aswell. Pro tip: When galleries sell limited editioned artworks for the first time, they often sell them in number order.If there is a lot of demand for the edition, galleries may choose to raise the price of the remaining unsold works. A limited edition print is so named because its run -- the number of these prints that are created and sold -- is limited to a specific number, say, 200. They can be worth large sums if they land on the market as they show an insight into the artists working methods. In printmaking, an edition is a number of prints struck from one plate, usually at the same time. If there is a discrepancy in quality, ink colour or even the paper is changed these prints should not be considered part of the edition. I can’t very well sign it as that seems misleading. Our long term experience in signed and numbered lithographs and prints helps you by buying affordable artworks of Andy WARHOL (August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987) artworks. This is very basic; since digital image files can be printed an infinite number of times, their value, by nature, is low. Such a notation will indicate that this print is number 3 and there will be a maximum of 25 such prints will be made. How to Document Limited Edition Digital Prints. Editions can either be limited or open. Be clear about the size of the run, what type of paper and ink was used when working with printable work, and document each and every item that you sell. In these cases, the print numbered 30/30 will be more expensive than the print numbered 1/30—simply because it was the last to be sold. Ok my question is what if you’re making a limited amount of prints. Limited Edition Service for Archival Prints & Frames. Galleries, artists and photographers often want to sell their prints as a Limited Edition or Open Edition; with a signature and information on the paper type and print. This leaves you some opportunity to create a poster size limited edition print for example, and then an open-edition of notecards at a later date. These labels simply go in place of where the edition number would be (under the bottom left edge of the plate.) Thank you! You can choose where to sign the print, but artists traditionally sign just below the image. This special exhibition explores many components of photography, from landscape to cutting-edge graphic imagery. H/C (Hors Commerce) - These prints are not for sale but are marked for commercial/business use such as display or promotion. For me, I think buying a piece of art should make your heart sing. In a traditional edition, prints should be as close to identical as possible. 35/75     - print number 35 from a total of 75 identical prints. A limited edition print is a reproduction of the original artwork. 9x9” to fit in a 12” frame. These are normally printed at the same time as the edition, are of the same high standard, and number up to 10% of the edition size. These are just some of the different labels that can be used when signing original prints. Call us at 800-733-1144. In either case, the print is unique and cannot be editioned. Signed prints are worth more than unsigned prints, and numbered limited edition prints are worth more than open edition prints, so it stands that most people want to show off the signature! Art stores typically carry archival pens for signing various mediums. Galleries, artists and photographers often want to sell their prints as a Limited Edition or Open Edition; with a signature and information on the paper type and print. Chose a signature that is either easy to read or so unique that is very easy to identify and once you have made your decision, stick to it.