for every day fears: fear of public speaking, of the dark, of aggressive dogs, of illness and pain ~ phobias can also be Mimulus fears if the cause of the fear – whether spiders, birds or open spaces – can be named. Trained at The OCD and Anxiety Center of Greater Baltimore by a noted authority on OCD, I have specialized in the treatment of OCD, related obsessive-compulsive disorders, and anxiety disorders since 2016. (Remember to check out's other free tips to help your body and mind regain balance, peace and calm, such as information about flower essences like Boronia and White Chestnut, that are really helpful in settling unwanted and circling thoughts.) Please read below for more information and resources about about OCD … They worry at us like a dog worries a bone. But in this restless desire to be rid of it, we’re prolonging a tension that’s quite simply at odds with what we truly desire. It helps a person find quiet and calm that will not be disturbed by outside influences. For example, White Chestnut helps quiet the mind and stop mental chatter or recurrent mental arguments. Please make sure to consider if there are other aspects of your personality that may be hindering progress – i.e. Also, as Harm OCD is so far from our innermost nature, as I hope to explain throughout this website, I'd like to point you towards a variety "openers", I'm sure will enable you to see this truth for yourself. Rock Rose ~ for extreme fear and terror ~ the tendency to panic ~ for nightmares ~ aids in calming you down. 2011 © InkThemes. Oak ~ for those who have suffered much mentally or physically and are so exhausted and weary that they feel they have no more strength to make any effort, but even they do not give up! Seeds are quite and still in a state of dormancy. That is: tension acts upon our adrenaline releasing nerves, which are so sensitized they respond to the slightest stimulus, creating an almost constant trickle of adrenaline, and often a flood, which correlated with thoughts we don’t want makes us feel horrible. In the meantime, here are some tips for dealing with them. Perspective. Essentially facts are only relevant so far as they are solving your problem, and regardless of detractors, the Bach Flower Remedies continue to grow in popularity and their extensive use should at least suggest to you that, as we believe, there is “something in them”. It helps put away all those ‘irrelevant talks n thoughts’ that have been hovering all over . The Positive Effects of Crab Apple: Crab Apple aids self-acceptance, broadmindedness and our ability to control negative thoughts, and allows us to move past old hurts and doubts that before might have subdued us. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The Seed Essence of Mallow is also included. Gorse helps us bounce back and put negative expectations aside as we revive our efforts to recuperate as well as gain sense that all this will lift. ... A few years ago I found Bach Flower Essences and tried the White Chestnut for when 'thoughts … Relevance to Harm OCD:  Nervously fatigued, burnt out, exhausted… however you want to view your Harm OCD, it is clearly a low energy state necessitating revival and rest. You can take Germantown Pike to the intersection with Butler Pike. These thoughts might prevent you from sleeping. Vitally Impatiens can help us to see that our harming anxiety isn’t relieved by tensing against it, but by relaxing. It is good for when you have trouble sleeping because of repetitious thoughts. Needham, Massachusetts 02492. We may say with Harm OCD we have become “over-careful” to avoid certain “triggers”, failing to see that our recovery lies not in the continued avoidance of things that alert our discomfort, but by becoming once more peaceable “wherever we are”. Also worth your while are these free downloadable books by Dr Bach: absorbed in your thoughts and unable to focus on anything else, that pretty much anything offering break from the trauma of it has to be welcomed. To this end the following list is offered as guide only. Simply put, you must see that your way back to health is to lighten your load, not to carry lead weights of guilt and dubious conscience. Relevance to Harm OCD: recovery from Harm OCD is dialectical, meaning: it is not a straight line, there’s a zigzagging, toing and froing, juxtaposition of conflicting forces we are needing to best. For the past few years she has been sufferring from anxiety, ... She says she feels calm for 15 minutes after taking white chestnut, and then it is back to the same stress again. Fighting on, they try one thing after another, all the while failing to see their “obstinacy” obstacle to the health that they seek. 8. The chestnut mushroom (Agrocybe Aegerita, agrocybe cylindracea or Cyclocybe aegerita) is a type of mushroom that belongs to the white rot fungi. website. Pamper yourself. In this regard a large part of my recovery was thanks to well written words and I can't overestimate the value of having a good book at hand when your other Towers of Strength aren't nearby. That is, we sometimes catch hope – we sometimes despair – the trick is to not lose sight of the fact that with each recurring episode of our harming obsessions, there’s chance to step forward and face this “thing” right. Note: When researching the Cherry Plum remedy be vigilant of descriptions that deviate largely from what appears on the Bach Centre site – i.e. Rescue Remedy a helpful remedy to keep on hand for stressful situations. For further guidance on the remedies, case studies, FAQ’s, and much, much more, you’ll also want to check out The Bach Centre website. The Positive Effects of Mimulus: Brings out the quiet courage and strength that lies hidden in all of us ~ and with courage memory of our unwanted things gradually fades. Bach White Chestnut Calm the Mind The problem with everyday stress is that it seems to show up, well, pretty much every day - and that can wear on your health over time. The Positive Effects of White Chestnut: Allows the mind to discriminate between thoughts that should be accepted and those that should be rejected ~ releases the need to keep replaying thought impulses which are not in your best interest ~ after treatment, a mind clear and balanced ~ the ability to let go of unwanted thoughts ~ regain mental repose and inner peace Press J to jump to the feed. The Positive Effects of Aspen: Aspen brings a certain composure to those inordinately sensitive to their Harm OCD, allowing them to pass through their day with far less apprehension and guardedness against the “terror”. How much did you use for a dosage? Watch this space. <A HREF=””> Widgets</A>Mimulus ~ the remedy for known fears, or fears you can “name” ~  i.e. Please let us know what you find after using it! dissuaded and stalled by certain others who “think” they know better. For such healing qualities it has often been referred to as the “cleanser of wounds”. They are: There’s no two ways about it, when Harm OCD first happens upon you, and you’re thinking crazy thoughts and you’re so frightened that you’re going to start acting them out, and there’s basically no markers in your experience informing you that you are merely in the throes of an extremely upsetting but nevertheless perfectly explainable, and perfectly curable, condition – you can be so distraught, so wildly confused, so absorbed in your thoughts and unable to focus on anything else, that pretty much anything offering break from the trauma of it has to be welcomed. WHITE CHESTNUT here , in all of the above situations and such, is hands down the best Remedy to CLEAR, RELAX and CALM your MIND . It’s for times like these that Gorse is of use. Times when our energy’s bottomed and there’s no light on our path. Quite simply we do not have the energy even to try. The Positive Effects of Oak:  Oak flower essence allows us to follow the more natural impulses of our inner self, thus calming any counterproductive “straining efforts” regards “fighting” this thing. I would have you explore, amongst other things, the Bach Flower Remedies, Meditation, and Reiki. Particularly so if suggested treatment points immediately to the relief of Harm OCD’s most primary symptoms, such as fright and fear of the mind giving way, as does Bach’s most famous creation, Rescue Remedy.