I end up waiting at the bus stop for about 45mins- 1hour just together to school. You can withdraw a complaint with Bus Users at any time and we’ll keep you informed of progress at every stage. Our buses are suitable for bringing a buggy on board, but the areas suitable for buggies are shared with wheelchairs, so on occasion you may be asked to fold your buggy. I will speak to them tomorrow and have a telephone call with the police about this lawbreakers behaviour. We always publish our changes in advance if a bus route is changing. Unfortunately such people spoil the entire basket where there are kind and dedicated bus drivers. Please check the buggies section on our bus accessibility page for more information. Please don't include personal details, if you require a response please use our contact form. Tel: +44 (0)1224 650100 Fax: +44 (0)1224 650140 We can’t do this though if the item is perishable (e.g. having 5 people on a bus isn’t it being full . Also I get to the bus stop at 20 past 7 every morning even though I dont have to be in school until 9. Why are the tickets so expensive every where except London? If you’re not happy with our response to your complaint, then our escalations team and our Customer Services Manager will take a look at your complaint and the response we’ve given you to make sure that we’ve done everything we can to resolve it. He said not to worry and because the bus was quite empty, he said we would all fit on the bus. Do not add commas or other punctuation in the address. Our lines are open from 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri. Our quieter times are usually between 11am and 3pm so you may prefer to call then as there will be less of a wait to speak to one of our Customer Support Agents who will be happy to listen to you. Please look at our frequently asked questions below, you should be able to find what you need here. i know they’re limiting people on busses but it’s absolute disgrace that bus drivers and choosing who they want on and who they don’t. There's no need for cash, one tap of your contactless card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and you’re aboard and ready to go, no need to worry about having the right change. Have you been happy with your website experience? Our network is designed to provide high quality services wherever there is demand for them. We have put procedures in place to make our buses accessible. Bus Users Scotland’s remit includes: Insisting I wore a face mask. 40 minutes later and he finally turns up again, confused as there were to be two more buses that should've picked me up. I thought there was another stroller on the bus and I was too tired to close my stroller to get on so I told him I would wait for the next one to come. food) or if it’s a debit or credit card. Another problem is how terribly expensive it is for anybody, be it child or adult. Hi looking for a bit of advice. If your bank thinks this purchase is unusual behaviour for your account they might block the transaction. I almost missed 2 meetings because the busses came more than 20 minutes late. Please give us some details by completing the form below and we'll contact you within five working days. Up to two children under five years of age may travel free-of-charge provided that they do not occupy a seat required by an adult passenger and are accompanied by a responsible fare-paying customer. They are dirty, late or do not turn up, cost to much & bus drivers are rude. Resolver can help you send your complaints to First Bus, It’s quick, simple and totally free Contact First Bus now. Our lines are open from 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri. Our quieter times are usually between 11am and 3pm so you may prefer to call then as there will be less of a wait to speak to one of our Customer Support Agents. Today he stopped me getting on the bus because I had reported him. First Bus Service - Complaints, experiences and stories. Sack this bully. Sack this bully. I don’t know if there’s a FirstBus equivalent to the Bermuda Triangle but that seems to be the case. Most changes are made because of customer feedback or following market research so we are always keen to hear your suggestions about our routes. We review the feedback regularly and also share it with our drivers and colleagues in our depots. Providing a safe operating environment for customers and employees. Your card may have been reported as lost or stolen and been cancelled by your card issuer. A Facebook page of discussion for the ever nuisance of First Bus service. or to the actions or physical condition of the driver during the trip. AB24 5RP. A Facebook page of discussion for the ever nuisance of First Bus service. There are ticket options on some routes that are valid with certain other bus operators. If you’d prefer to contact us directly, you can call us on the number in the Contact Us section or use the Contact Form ↓ there. We are constantly monitoring/reviewing our network to reflect changing travel patterns and demands from our customers and we never change a route or timetable unnecessarily. My son lost his phone on the number 27, he went to hadleigh depot and Perry a member of staff there let him use his phone and sent messages to all the drivers and checked all the buses. 2,659 reviews from First Student employees about First Student culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Problems with traffic or adverse weather conditions can lead to services being cancelled, meaning the next bus can be overcrowded. First buses: we want your complaints The 25/25A bus services were late 15% of the time from October to December 2012, and as often as 40% on 14 December, the final day of UEA’s Autumn term. We need more kindness and understanding. Website: arrivabus.co.uk 2. It is possible that the bus you intended to catch was full or that our driver might not have seen you. Chelsea de Silva, regional PR & marketing manager for the South East and Midlands, cited several reasons for the delays when speaking to Concrete in December. I went down and nobody from that department was there - but one member of staff (Jane) looked after me, she said she would be going to the other office and would look for it there and if not contact the relevant person/department for me. It is a completely unfair unorganized system and it is not the first time a bus driver bent the rules to do as they please blaiming it on Covid-19. If you prefer, you can fill out the contact form here instead. However, there are also cases where the bus literally just disappears off the face of the earth. A number of buses on the 75 and 76 routes made it … If you download the First Bus App, you can find the price of your journey and buy the ticket on your phone – you just scan the ticket straight from the app so you won’t need to worry about losing a paper ticket. If we are experiencing delays, we may send buses empty to the other end of a route to ensure that everyone along the route is still provided with a service. Find out more ⇒. If you have been through step 1 and are not happy with the outcome, then you can ask that your complaint be passed to the head of the division you have been dealing with. I am absolutely apauled and if it weren't for the need to ride the bus I would not pay another penny to such a horrible company. The Next Bus information will show you exactly how many minutes away your bus is too. Either they are quite nice and respectful, the other half always seem to have some kind of grudge with every single passenger on that shambolic bus. He went out of his way to help! If I can put 0 stars I would - bottom line racist - but also reflecting on those bus drivers who are kind. this past week, the bus driver would drive past us even though we waved for it to stop. Reply. If your journey with us has not met your expectations we have policies in place to rectify that. Your rights. Safety Complaints. To help make travelling easier, you can plan your journey and buy tickets using our First Bus App ». The Next Bus information will show you exactly how many minutes away your bus is too. You can make contactless payments for any ticket payment up to £45, using any contactless card displaying the Visa or Mastercard logo. Arriva Merseyside 1. They treat you like they are above you. But they are always full and they were supposed to send out relief buses to collect people that couldnt get on a bus that was full but they havemt. First Bus Service - Complaints, experiences and stories. For more information please visit our ticket gifting page. Amazing experience with the Huddersfield branch - my son lost his bag and was told to collect it from the bus depot. More info here Provide your feedback below. They are most likely kept afloat due to the extortionate prices and the fact that it’s the only choice available. Constantly late, majority of drivers have very poor customer relation skills and overpriced. Additional children, or children under five occupying a seat required by an adult, may be charged as if they were aged five or over. I complained to First Bus on 11 March 2014, told that they usually take 14 working days to respond. Our Airport services have additional space for luggage, please ask the driver for help to load and unload your bags if you require assistance. Have your say in there services and give us your travel...Followers: 549 Please see the Help Section for the First Bus App, where you can read instructions, FAQs and ways to obtain support if needed. You can feel confident that our agents will always be polite and do as much as they can to help you. We may also, on occasion, still need to send you important service messages. If you wish to leave feedback that is not website related, please visit our Tell First Bus survey. If we need to investigate, we will always give you a case reference number to quote if you contact us again so that the agent you speak to can quickly find the information they need to update you. Absolutely appalled at the number 3 service seems like they just pick and choose when to pick up from bus stops I get the limit thing but thats twice this week kids have been late for school and theres literally only about 5 people on the bus not being funny drivers are shielded by there glass so why not put extra buses on for school kids as they’re all mixing anyway in schools together especially with there exams poor kids are under pressure as it is and having to stand out in cold for hours at a time cause buses are just driving by weather its full or not its like drivers make up there own rules Its getting worse, if i could give 0 i would. Your card may have recently been replaced by your card issuer but not yet activated. was very rude to me. Yes, our day tickets, week tickets, month tickets and longer term tickets provide savings compared to multiple single cash fares. We are one of the largest bus operators in the UK with a fleet of approximately 5,200 buses. We will always try to make sure that you only need to contact us once to resolve your issue but if we need to investigate, we will work hard to get a response to you within 7 days. I am Autistic and also have severe respiratory problems. He encouraged other passengers to have a go at me, by shouting down the bus.I reported him to First Buses. Otherwise it’s showing the timetable time – so you’ll know when the bus is due. The service over the last 10yrs has just got worse and worse. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Many thanks. There are a number of reasons why your card payment may have been declined: If the problem persists you should contact your card issuer for further information. We can’t usually contact you personally when you leave feedback on Tellfirstbus as we don’t capture personal details there but we do share the key themes of feedback we’ve received. Overall, screw you First, because you've screwed me over multiple times.Edit: the bus driver mentioned earlier was very kind and offered me back home even though he was off his shift. A First spokesman said their complaints had decreased from 5,610 to 4,051 - a reduction of more than 25 per cent. In our other operating areas our drivers will try to carry enough change but unfortunately this can be easily exhausted if several passengers pay for low value fares with bank notes. Please call us on 0345 646 0707. This will help us to access any CCTV on the bus more quickly which may help with any investigation. Customer Complaints Charter. they are apparently “full” when there are multiple seats open. Address… We will do our best to make sure that you get your lost property back as quickly as possible. Thank you! You can find out what your local company is doing with your feedback by going to the Tell First Bus page. Your feedback is appreciated. It’s perfect for buying your tickets in advance. If you want to give us feedback, you can do it quickly and easily at Tellfirstbus.com . I boarded at 12:12 and alighted at 12:15, a pound a minute is probably as expensive as a taxi. The First Bus App, is quick, easy to use and cash free. We work hard to ensure that our services run as smoothly and efficiently as they can. Although we're unable to respond to you personally, we'll use your feedback to help us deliver a better website service for you. At First Bus we work hard to deliver a helpful, friendly, easy to use and reliable service for our customers. First Buses Complaints closed over the weekend.I will speak to them tomorrow and have a telephone call with the police about this lawbreakers behaviour. Bus Users UK represents bus passengers. He was awful. Our research showed that boarding time and average journey times would improve if even just half of customers used mobile ticketing. If I can put 0 stars I would. Similarly, if we do not currently serve a particular location, it is because there is not sufficient demand to sustain a bus service, or it is simply not possible to run a bus there. Please make sure that the card-holder address and post code you entered exactly match card-holder address and post code registered with your card issuer. They are dirty, late or do not turn up, cost to much & bus drivers are rude. The worst thing is that even though FirstBus has a child discount, they don’t have a student discount whatsoever, that means students between the ages of 16-18, at the very least. Worst bus more like it, terrible service and over priced compared to everyone else. You can download the Extra Help cards here  >>. 2,659 reviews from First Student employees about First Student culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Your payment request may have been declined by your card issuer. Try lodging an official complaint and you’ll be left chasing them constantly for any kind of considered reply. Why? Nevertheless, credit where credit is due, one must admire the sheer continuous existence of this company, despite its dreadfully lacking and (I’m running out of premodifiers at this point) terrible service. Maybe it’s third year lucky. Phone: 0161 491 5525 4. First Bus Service - Complaints, experiences and stories. Download the app and follow the instructions, it’s that simple. Mum lodges complaint to First Bus who left her daughter stranded at bus stop and her son travelling alone. A safety complaint is related to the mechanical condition of the bus (bald tires, brakes that might be faulty, lights not properly operating, etc.) To find out more about a specific journey, please select your region below; We've launched Tap & Cap in Aberdeen and Doncaster - capped contactless payments, however many journeys you make. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Feedback, questions and complaints; Bus feedback Bus feedback. I just cant express enough how awful this service is. £3 for a 3 minute journey is quite frankly a rip off. Phone: 0344 800 4411 4. Card payments can sometimes be declined because of an issue with your bank's systems; the fault could be with your card issuer. We would always seek to avoid any embarrassment, so in such cases it may be helpful for the young person to carry additional photo identification. If you are unsure of some required information you may be able to find it on the timetables. All Rights Reserved. For more information, visit our Bus Accessibility Page. Yes, our First Bus App has a ticket gifting function, allowing you to purchase a bus ticket and transfer it directly to your child’s phone. 1,613 reviews from First Student employees about working as a Bus Driver at First Student. FirstGroup Corporate Offices. On our website Next Bus section and our First Bus App, you can see how far away your bus is in real-time*. In Glasgow, West Lothian and Aberdeen we operate our services on an exact fare, no change given basis. For bank cards, as soon as the card is handed in at the depot, we’ll contact the issuing bank (if there’s a telephone number on the card) to let them know the card has been lost and then we’ll follow any instructions the bank gives us. We use age verification for data protection regulation compliance and to tailor our communications to you. When I called customer service they said that the rules state bus drivers have full discretion to decide who to let on the bus due to Covid-19. A Sunday. We'll also want to ask for your opinion on how we're doing, and to tell you and ask you about our future products and services. 1,672 reviews from First Transit employees about First Transit culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. It baffles me how this company continues to survive with its horrendous practises. If you have a complaint about buses in Scotland, in the first instance you should raise your complaint with the operator in question. There are several different messages for you to select from, choose the one that best suits your particular needs and then cut out or fold the card so that the message you want is visible. Your route or timetable may change because of a change in demand. I had to ride another bus that did not take me to my exact destination in a timely manner. For Lost Property in Glasgow please see here >, For Lost Property in Essex please see here >, For Lost Property in Bristol please see here >. If you want to check if your item has been found after a couple of days and you haven’t heard from us, then please contact our customer service team on the number listed in the contact us page below. Aberdeen The driver will have no access to change in the event of overpayment. Honestly, if I had anything positive to write about this company, or any positive experience that I’ve had with it, I would write about it, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a positive experience other than simply seeing the bus show up and then being let on. If it’s a more complex investigation, this could take us up to 14 days. If you’d like to know more, take a look at our mTickets information pages ». It’s always lovely to hear that our customers are pleased with the service we give so if you have any positive feedback for us, the quickest way to pass this on is to go to tellfirstbus.com » and take 2 mins to give us feedback there. If you do not receive a response to your satisfaction then you can raise your concerns with Bus Users Scotland. 395 King Street We use it to make improvements to our website. When they are late, however, and I mean late by 10, 15, 20 minutes at the least, I, nor any other passenger with whom I found myself on that bus, has ever been offered an explanation for such delays or literal disappearance. First Bus in Stoke On Trent are rubbish. One of the best ways to buy these tickets is to use mTickets on the First Bus App, it’s quick, easy and cash free. Please give as much detail as you can about the bus trip and the item to help us track it down for you. Where I go, it costs me £5.70 for a return ticket, and that’s the price I pay 5 days a week. A completely free service recommended by Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert.com. 07 Feb 2019 First West Yorkshire has been awarded £1.77 million to introduce nine of the ultra-low emission buses into the region, alongside a £617,000 bid by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to fund a fleet of five ultra-low emission electric buses to serve the new, 1,200 space park and ride site at Stourton in Leeds. If this is an ongoing problem then please do let us know by going to tellfirstbus.com » and give us feedback – it will only take 2 minutes. Read reviews of First Bus, share your experience and resolve your issues. * Available on many of our routes. If you require more assistance when using our buses, you may find our Extra Help to Travel Cards useful as they show the driver what extra help you may require - you can download your own copy to print. Please select the ticket section of your area for more details. All rights reserved. First Bus Service - Complaints, experiences and stories. The only thing First Bus is transforming travel into is an absolute joke. Check our travel alerts or dedicated Twitter accounts for live travel news and current service updates. Some of the card/personal/authorisation details entered do not match the information held by your card issuer. We also encourage customers to switch from cash to mobile payments using mTickets on the First Bus App, following our research which showed that boarding time and average journey times would improve if even just half of customers used mobile ticketing. Their complaints procedure will be published on their website. London TravelWatch deals with complaints about local bus services run by Transport for London. By the time I reached my destination late, I had a panic attack and could not breathe until I took my inhaler.Update from my last post:Yesterday, Dec 2nd. Website: arrivabus.co.uk 2. i get a bus every day to school, it’s my only transport but because of these busses i’m being constantly late to school. Thank you bus driver for judging the situation in a safe and kind manner. 553 likes. Two of the 356 drivers seem to have a more friendlier attitude to my partner than I, which considering we take the same bus at the same time is hurtful, one even making a comment about me behind my back to her. It’s quite ironic that the service is called FirstBus because it is literally the last bus I would ever choose to willingly commute by. Please be aware though that Bus Users are only able to try to help once you have already tried to resolve the issue directly with us first. I had to take taxi.Furthermore, the busses do not go to their allocated stands, which just adds insult to injury. Our drivers collect property left on our buses and take it back to the depot to be registered. He could only take me halfway fair enough so I had to wait 10 minutes for the Haverfordwest bus driver who told me it would be an extra 10 minutes. A bus driver was extremely kind. Our staffs work together as a team. In most cases, we’ll keep any lost property for a month to give you time to claim it. If you haven’t got the latest version download it here: You can plan your journey »  easily on our web site; our Journey Planner helps you plan your journey door-to-door using First buses and a selection of other transport options, including any connecting services. Download the app and follow the instructions, it’s that simple. I’m sure it criminals running this company, almost £5 for a return ticket! We serve 40 of the UK’s largest towns and cities including two thirds of … Choose Your AreaAberdeenBerkshire & The Thames ValleyBradfordBristol, Bath and the WestCornwall, First KernowEssexGreater GlasgowGreater ManchesterHalifax, Calder Valley & HuddersfieldLeedsLeicesterNorfolk & Suffolk, First Eastern CountiesPortsmouth, Fareham & GosportPotteriesSomersetSouth & West WalesSouth East and Central ScotlandSouth YorkshireSouthamptonWessex, Dorset & South SomersetWorcestershireYork. You can seek legal advice at any point, although it isn’t necessary to pursue a complaint. View a copy of our customer complaints charter. I was left to struggle. Phone: 0344 800 4411 4. View some cards that you can print out and show your driver as a way of discretely asking for a little extra help if you’d rather not ask them out loud.

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